Delhi FC Smashes 5 past Hapless Aizawl to move up the Table

In a magnificent display of skill and determination, Delhi FC secured a resounding victory against Aizawl in an electrifying away match. Overcoming the challenging conditions of Aizawl and showcasing their talent, the triumphant Delhi FC players left no stone unturned to claim the well-deserved win.

From the opening whistle, Delhi FC set the tone for the game with an enthusiastic start. Gaurav Rawat, displaying exceptional prowess, broke the deadlock at the 14th minute of the match, sending waves of excitement through the stadium. Rawat’s relentless efforts did not stop there, as he swiftly doubled the lead at the 23rd minute with an impressive second goal.

As the halftime whistle blew, the score stood at an impressive 2-0 in favor of Delhi FC. However, Aizawl, known for their fighting spirit, refused to bow down and quickly found the back of the net shortly after the second half began.

Nevertheless, the determination to secure the win emanated from the Delhi FC players. At the 61st minute, Aroldinho, fueled by sheer willpower, skillfully weaved the ball past the opposition defenders to restore the two-goal advantage, bringing the scoreline to 3-1 in favor of Delhi FC.

The attacks kept coming from Delhi FC, with relentless pressure and unwavering dominance displayed on the pitch. Barboza went on to seize the opportunity at the 76th minute, adding another goal and escalating the scoreline to an impressive 4-1.

Just when the fans thought the performance couldn’t get any better, the Egyptian defender, Alaaeldin Nassr, got his first ever goal for Delhi FC to make it 5-1 which inturn became Aizawl’s biggest home defeat in history.. Like the icing on the cake, Nassr’s late goal sealed the 5-star performance, solidifying Delhi FC’s triumphant return to winning ways.

The match served as a testament to Delhi FC’s unwavering commitment and perseverance. With this remarkable win, Delhi FC has taken a significant stride forward, cementing their position as a formidable force in the football arena.

Delhi FC shows no signs of slowing down as they prepare for their upcoming matches, and fans eagerly anticipate their next exhilarating performance.

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