Himanshu Jangra’s strike helps Delhi FC storm into the Semi-finals of the prestigious All India Chakradhar Deka Football Tournament in Assam

Under the football buzzing atmosphere of Guwahati, Assam, Delhi FC unleashed a sensational performance that left fans in awe as they sailed triumphantly into the next stage of the All India Football tournament.

Competing against the resilient Assam Police Blues, who had successfully battled through previous rounds, this clash promised to be a meeting of footballing titans. The adrenaline on the field was palpable as both teams vied for the coveted spot in the semi-finals.

The All India Chakradhar Deka Football Tournament has proven to be a breeding ground for exhilarating talent, with quality teams like Oil India Duliyajan and a strong and experienced I-League side in the form of Shillong Lajong displaying their skills in an effort to claim the ultimate prize.

The tournament has won the hearts of football enthusiasts across the country, casting a spotlight on the talent and passion that lies within the region.

As the match unfolded, it became clear that both teams were intent on leaving an indelible mark on this significant encounter. Playing in their home state, Assam Police Blues thrived on the support of their local fans, who created a vibrant backdrop of cheers and chants.

However, Delhi FC, known for their unwavering tenacity and boldness, refused to be swayed by the pressure. A battle of strategic maneuvering ensued on the field, with each team showcasing their strengths in a bid for supremacy.

Delhi FC’s Himanshu Jangra emerged as the performer of the match, scoring a crucial goal around the 69th minute of the game. His precise shot ignited a wildfire of excitement among Delhi FC supporters, propelling them to the edge of their seats.

Himanshu Jangra has been creating a buzz around the Nation since a while and the promising youngster now scored his 7th goal in his 9th pre-season match for Delhi FC. Be it scoring against ISL side Hyderbad FC in the Durand Cup or the challenging conditions if the Climate Cup in Leh, where he turned out to be the highest scorer, there has been no stopping Himanshu Jangra’s fire power infront of goal.

The drama was not over yet and in a mesmerizing display of Brazilian flair, Aroldinho, donning the colours of Delhi FC, sealed the match with a breathtaking strike deep into the additional time, the 95th minute mark. This final blow left spectators in awe and secured Delhi FC’s spot in the semi-finals.

The team’s triumph was the result of their unwavering determination, unity, and exceptional skills. Delhi FC demonstrated their unwavering pursuit of excellence, further solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of football.

Delhi FC’s journey continues as they prepare to take on their formidable opponents Oil India Duliyajan in the upcoming semi-final on September 22, 2023. Football enthusiasts eagerly await the spectacle that awaits, as Delhi FC’s quest for victory intensifies.


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